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Respecting the past,Supporting the future,preparing 

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Why Choose ARCK ?

We put the people using our services at the centre of everything we do and we value everyone's contribution the people who use our services and their chosen circles of support.

Being Person Centred

ARCK believes that Person Centred Planning means putting the person first by simply, listening and learning about what the person wants from their life.  Helping the person to think about what they want now and in the future, taking responsibility and working in partnership with families, friends and health professionals for helping them every step of the way in order for this to happen.

ARCK do this by:

  • Keeping the person at the centre and really listening to them and ensuring we use their preferred method of communication.

  • Listening to people who know ‘the person’ well e.g. Family, friends, members of the community, advocates and staff to find out what is important to the person now and in the future.

  • Using multidisciplinary approaches to best meet person centred goals.

Core Values of our Service

  • Person centred support - ARCK fully recognise that every person should have the opportunity to choose a service

  • Rights – ARCK will ensure each person is given the opportunity to exercise their rights in all aspects of their daily living

  • Independence – ARCK will ensure the people who use their services are encouraged to be as independent as possible by promoting them to engage  in      learning new skills as well as maintaining existing ones.

  • Choice – ARCK will ensure people who use our services have choices in all aspects of their life also including the staff that supports them.

  • Inclusion – ARCK will ensure the people who use our services are included and consulted in all decisions made about the way they live their lives.

ARCK ensure respecting, privacy and dignities are the key elements of support delivered. Promoting self-advocacy, equality and diversity in everything we do. We provide each person with a contract and statement of terms and conditions of residency in a suitable format.

ARCK'S residential services are located within the heart of the bustling multi-cultural town Of Goole. Goole itself has a long history relating to the waterways and offers many facilities that the individuals we support are able to easily access; Goole Waterways museum, The Sobriety Project and Goole docks.

ARCK also supports individuals to access local day service facilities and places that can provide a meeting place to interact with or to make new friends, such as arts and crafts, drama, music, walking groups, exercise classes and educational courses.


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