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Respecting the past,Supporting the future,preparing 

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Services we offer

ARCK is a 24/7 Registered Residential services provide support for people with high and complex needs.There can be up to four people sharing these services and a fully trained staff team to support individually to ensure all the people who use our services receive the amount of support needed.  Each individual who uses our service will have a key-working team they will ensure all support plans  and risk assessments are followed and regularly reviewed to ensure the person’s needs are being met to the highest standard.

Becoming an adult is a challenging time for all, whether you are leaving your family home, children’s care services or school.   ARCK offer a transition service as a ‘stepping stone’ from children services to adult services to support people to plan for the future and gain the lifeskills required to become as independent as possible. Change is difficult to deal with and ARCK work closely with the person and their circle of support who have chosen to use our services, to ensure they have a smooth transition.

Our Aim

ARCK Living Solutions aim to provide tailored sustainable, outcome based services for adults no matter how complex.  We have a value based person centred approach with tailor made support planning and a staff team trained to meet the individual’s particular needs.Through careful maintenance and refurbishment ARCK are striving to create ordinary, safe and comfortable homes which have a warm and friendly atmosphere.ARCK will sensitively support and encourage people to build a full and independent life by developing new skills, offering opportunities for new experiences that will build self-esteem, trust and confidence, whilst building on existing ones.  ARCK will enable people to uphold enhanced community inclusion by participating in community living, mixing with others by building positive and meaningful connections of their choice in ways that are generally valued by our society. 

ARCK Living Solutions will ensure that everything which takes place within their services is driven by the need, aspiration and want of the people using our service and not by the desires of their employees or any other people connected with their support. ARCK Living Solutions have a proactive role within the Partnership Board and Action Groups.  ARCK are committed to respecting privacy and dignity alongside the person’s rights, independence, choice and inclusion. 

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