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Lisa Cunningham (Goodwin) - Service Director

Lisa is the Service Director for ARCK Living Solutions.  Lisa has worked in the Social Care Sector for almost 25 years (16 years in which have been Management and setting up new services Including Transitions children to adult services) and has a wide range of experience.  Lisa specialises in Managing and Directing Personalised Services for people with Learning Difficulties, Autistic spectrum conditions, mental health and complex needs.  

Lisa was educated at Leeds Metropolitan University in Business Management of Health and Social care Organisations and gained NVQ Level 4 (RMA/LMCS), A1 Assessors award, Person centred Planning facilitator and has attended numerous training courses specific to her role and continually professionally develops.

What people like and admire about Lisa……

• Her Knowledge & Experience of Working with People with Differing Needs.

• Committed to her role/Employer, people she supports, their circles of support and staff teams.

• Approachable, Warm, Friendly, Genuine, Open, Honest & Loyal  

• Kind, Calm, Patient, Caring & Thoughtful.

• A Good Listener & Good to Talk to.

• Extremely Person Centred.

• Her Individuality.

What’s important to Lisa…..


• My Partner                                                          

• My baby 'Charley' (she is a black Labrador), 

• My family & Friends

• The people I support/My Career

• Commitment to Everything I do

• To Give 100% To Every Task I Take on

• Being Approachable, Helpful & To Make A Difference

• Being Honest & Truthful, professional Image & Maintaining A Good Reputation                     

• Being Kind, Caring & Considerate                                             

• Constructive Feedback/Criticism 

• Recognition

How to support Lisa well at work…

• Communicate with Me, Keep Me Informed

• Constructively Guide Me If I Go Off Track

• Being Able to Access Support Networks When I Need Them

• Praise Me When I do Well

• Recognise I Give Commitment and Strongly Believe In The Work I Do and am Person Focused.

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